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About Us

We work with our parastatals and partners to support Zimbabwe’s transport network that helps businesses and gets people and goods travelling around the country. We plan and invest in transport infrastructure to keep the Zimbabwe on the move.

What We Do

Provision of road, rail, air, inland waters, community infrastructure and services. Provision of transport policies and regulations.

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Our Services

Department of Transportation Management

Management of traffic safety through regulating, licensing, enforcement of Bilateral and Multilateral Agreements and Protocols. Regulation, Licensing, Enforcement and Transport Information Management

Department of Roads

We effectively and efficiently plan, design, supervise and maintain a world class standard road infrastructure.

Department of Policy Planning

We formulate and develop policies and strategic plans which promote the development and sustenance of the transport and communications sectors in Zimbabwe and ensures their effective implementation

Department of Legal Services

We coordinates and manages all legal matters within the Ministry. We are a support department that facilitates the Ministry as a whole to work towards improved service delivery.

Department of Lake Navigation

We facilate the provision of safe and efficient Inland Water Transport Services while contributing towards the maintenance of safer and cleaner Inlands Waterways.

Department of Human Resourses

A support service-oriented department whose indispensible functions complement material and financial resources utilization towards goal attainment and improved service delivery in the Ministry.

Departments of Finance and Administration

To mobilise financial resources, provide efficient, effective financial and administrative services to both our internal and external clients.

Department of Internal Audit

The unit is set up to provide assurance and consulting services on governance, risk and control issues