About Us

To be a regional hub for world-class transport networks, logistics and services by the year 2030.

To develop integrated transport infrastructure networks and services that facilitates smooth, safe and secure movement of goods, services and persons.


  • Safety and Security: We protect the travelling public, our employees and the workers who build, operate and maintain our transportation and communications system.
  • Client Focus: We learn from and respond to our clients to deliver quality, affordable services.
  • Efficiency: We strive to gain maximum value from the resources entrusted to us for the benefit of our clients, stakeholders and shareholders.
  • Accountability: We build the trust of clients, stakeholders and the public.
  • Diversity: We honour and respect our individual differences to ensure equitable opportunities.
  • Sustainability: We balance economic, environmental and community well-being in a manner that protects the needs of current and future generations.

What We Do

  • Provision of road, rail, air and inland waters services
  • Provision of transport policies and regulations

Our Thrust

  • To be the leading Ministry in the provision of transport infrastructural network and services which are accessible, efficient and affordable in the region by 2030.