To mobilise financial resources, provide efficient, effective financial and administrative services to both our internal and external clients.



The best run Finance and Administration Department in Government by 2020.


Overall function

  • Budgeting and budgetary control
  • Financial management
  • Financial reporting
  • Materials management
  • Asset management
  • Records and Information management

Core values

  • Accountability                       
  • Reliability
  • Transparency                          
  • Innovation
  • Team work                             
  • Integrity


Business objectives

  • Improve on the quality of financial reporting
  • Improve credit worthiness and reputation with creditors
  • Improve availability of transport to departments
  • Improve  availability of office supplies and services
  • Safeguarding the assets of the Ministry
  • To ensure total compliance with TREASURY instructions, circulars, International Accounting Standards and other relevant legislations in all daily transactions.
  • To ensure that procurement of goods and services is according to the State procurement Act
  • To ensure that all the Ministry’s  physical assets are uploaded into PFMS by December 2012
  • To stick to monthly target expenditure
  • To contribute the financial input in the preparation of recurrent and capital budgeting annually
  • To ensure that all internal control systems are adhered to


Roles and responsibilities


  • Coordinate budgets preparation with Departments and Parastatals
  • Facilitates mobilisation of funds and disbursements to Departments and Parastatals
  • Financial advisory to departments and parastatals
  • Budgeting and budgetary control
  • Coordinate the collection of revenue from all VID depots, Lake Navigation, CVR as well as RMT for the Exchequer and retention
  • Prepares and submits quarterly, bi-annually and annually financial returns to accounts to Treasury and the Comptroller and Audit General
  • Maintain correct records and registers of all financial and suspense accounts
  • Recover all funds due to the Ministry in respect of Refunds, Treasury orders, PSC penalties and Audit Surcharge
  • Drafts and updates the Accounting Officer’s Instructions and participates in the formulation of the user fees policies
  • Coordinate preparation of Performance Agreements with Departments for submission to Ministry of Finance and office of the President and Cabinet



  • Responsible for ensuring that all procedures are properly carried out in compliance with the procurement (Act Chapter: 22:14)
  • Acquires assets, determines losses and causes of damage to State property and maintains relative registers
  • Institute board of Survey for Unserviceable, absolute redundant assets and recommend disposal method
  • Monitors stock levels of stationary requirements for all provinces and ensure that the system of replenishing stocks is efficiently maintained
  • Liaises with CMED for the acquisition of vehicle and maintenance of a vehicle profile register for Ministry vehicles
  • Raises Treasury with OPC and PSC Cabinet Authority acquisition of vehicles for the Ministers, Permanent Secretaries and equivalent grades.  Directors, Parastatals vehicles as well as project vehicles
  • Raises Treasury Orders and Surcharges, deals with appeals that may arise, maintains the relevant registers and submits annual returns
  • Ensure that gifts and donations authorization are applied for from treasury and that the necessary, registers are maintained
  • Process applications for identity cards and liaises with the Government Protective Security Offices


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