It is a department under Transport Management Division and are a sister department to VID and RMT created in terms of the Vehicle Licensing Act (Chap 13:14) [section 3 refers]. 

Brief Background

—  1918 – Municipalities were involved in vehicle registration

—  1970 – CVR took over Falling under the then Prime Minister’s Office at the then Coghlan Building (Chaminuka Building). The idea was to monitor the movement of Nationalists

—  1981 – CVR was moved to the Old Shell house building

—  37 stations/ offices where registration is done country wide including CVR

—  Of these, 6 are ZiMRA offices responsible for original registration

—  Re-registrations are done at CVR, 28 Zimpost Offices and two Municipalities


The department has statutory mandate to register:

  • Vehicle/vessel registration books/certificates (both originals and duplicates)
  • Registration number plates (both originals and replacements)
  • Personalised number plates
  • Duplicate third plates/validation certificates/validation stickers
  • Vintage/classic car registration documents(to preserve the national heritage)
  • Endorsement of Public Service Vehicle driver status and medicals
  • Issue confirmation letters/ letters of entitlement (in respect of genuine holders of drivers licences)




Original Driver’s Licence Application Requirements:

  • Application form completed by holder
  • Certificate of Competency
  • Provisional Learner Licence
  • Receipt of payment
  • Three black and white clear and good quality photographs (measuring) measuring (30mmx25mm)
  • Self-addressed envelope with equivalent postage stamps
  • 2 specimen signatures
  • Application fee of USD15.00 Normal


Urgent Driver’s Licence Application Requirements:

  • Requirements as in 5.1 above
  • Processed within 5 days
  • Letter from employer stating reason(s) for urgent driver’s licence processing.
  • May also produce work permit/flight itinerary/air ticket, etc.
  • Application fee of USD50.00 Urgent


Duplicate Driver’s Licence Application Requirements

  • as in 5.1 minus Learner Licence
  • Swift action pack [self addressed]


Issuance of a Zimbabwe Driver’s Licence in exchange with a Foreign Driver’s Licence:

       Application Requirements

  • Completed application form
  • Submission of a valid Original Foreign Driver’s Licence (including its photostat copy)
  • 3-driver’s licence photographs (black and white) (ie good quality)
  • Submission of original and photocopies of work permit plus passport
  • ID in case of returning resident
  • Diplomatic card if the applicant is a diplomat
  • Translation of Foreign Driver’s Licence if not written in English
  • Acceptable confirmation of foreign driver’s licence from the issuing Authority (via email)
  • Application fee of USD100.00


Medical Requirements

  • Medical Certificate from a qualified doctor
  • Applicant should be a holder of a Zimbabwe driver’s licence
  • Submission of self-addressed envelope with sufficient postage stamps.
  • Application fee of USD5.00


Re-tests Requirements

  • Driver should be above 25 years old
  • Submission of a valid Medical Certificate
  • Submission of a valid and authentic Defensive Driving Certificate
  • Should have 5 years driving experience [proof of such driving experience is required]
  • Submissions of a self-addressed envelop.
  • Application fee of USD5.00


Application for Duplicate Learner Licence: Requirements 

  • 3-recently taken black and white driver’s licence size photographs measuring (30mm X25mm)
  • 2-specimen signatures
  • Completion of an RTLD9, key aspects that should be given accurately in the application, the month and date which the provisional licence was obtained.
  • In the case of class 1 provisional licence, a valid medical certificate must be attached to one’s application.
  • Application can be made at all Zimpost Post Offices, local authorities and CVR offices
  • Application fee of USD15.00


Tractor Driver Permit: Requirements

  • Applicant should be a holder of a driver licence
  • Must be a farmer, minor applying on behalf of the (tractor) driver
  • Application fee of USD5.00

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