To facilitate the provision of safe and efficient Inland Water Transport Services while contributing towards the maintenance of safer and cleaner Inland Waterways.


To administer the In-lands Waters Shipping ACT 13:06

Major Undertakings

  • Implementation and enforcement of the Inland Waters Shipping Statutes.
  • Conducting first and annual vessel survey to guarantee the seaworthiness of boats, conducting boat inspections following compulsory repairs and major alterations.
  • Examining and certifying prospective boat drivers.
  • Conducting Lake Patrols and spot checks on vessels.
  • Managing Lake Navigation Radio Control/telecommunications system on Lake Kariba (i.e. continuous listening watch on VHF radios).
  • Co-coordinating search and rescue operations and installation and maintenance of aids to navigation on Lake Kariba.
  • Guarding against non-economic or uneconomic duplication of shipping services through the permit system on inland waterways. Conduct pollution surveillance and control on inland waterways particularly in harbors.